Coaches pick up from four points along the South Coast each morning - SHOREHAM / WORTHING / ARUNDEL & CHICHESTER and take you to and from the trail each day

There is an option this year of doing the full 9 day walk from Winchester to Eastbourne or joining on the Sunday for a 7 day walk from the Queen Elizabeth Park to Eastbourne. 

There is no accommodation provided during the event.   Most local people will return home at the end of each day to family or friends. 

Those coming from further afield usually book accommodation in either Arundel or Chichester for the full seven or nine days. These websites may help:-

 Arundel:        www.arundel.org.uk
 Chichester:   www.chichesterweb.co.uk                 Worthing:      www.visitworthing.co.uk


Best friends are welcome on the walk but numbers on each coach are limited and early booking is essential.


There are set cancellation charges which are detailed in the terms and conditions. Please click on the following link and make a note of the significant dates and arrange some simple holiday insurance cover:

Click here for the event terms & conditions


Dally schedules

The daily pick-up times vary each day and will be confirmed in your joining instructions. They vary between 8:00am and 9:30am. The sectors we are walking are as follows:

Winchester - Exton                         13 m                         Exton - Q.E. Park                            12 m                         Q.E. Park - Cocking                        13 m                   Cocking - Whiteways                         9m               Whiteways - Washington                   9 m                       Washington - Devils Dyke               12 m                      Devils Dyke - Newmarket               13 m                   Newmarket Inn - Alfriston                14 m                   Alfriston - Eastbourne                      11 m                                                                                                                          At the end of each day the coaches will leave as they fill up and return to all the pick-up points. Your return time is, therefore, a matter of how 'gently' you have taken the day.  It can be as early as 2pm (on the shorter middle days) or as late as 5pm. 




































































The cost for 2018 will be set in December, when all coach costs etc. are known.(In 2017 it was £249 per person for 9 days) 

How Fit Do I Need to Be  

The South Downs Way is officially graded as an ‘easy’ National Trail. The climbs up onto the ridge are not difficult, and if they are taken slowly, with lots of stops to admire the views, they should not present a problem to any seasoned walker.

The full trail is, however, 106 miles long and takes place over nine consecutive days so walkers (and their dogs) need to be reasonably fit and to come prepared with the right clothes and footwear.

Whilst the completion of any long distance walk is always an exciting challenge, this is one that can be achieved in relative safety and comfort. 


Who will I be walking with?

To give you some idea of the people who take part; our questionnaires over the past five years show that:

  • 57% are walking it for the first time
  • 68% are female
  • 93% find the whole event “very enjoyable!”

Although there may be around 200 people taking part, it is very easy, after just an hour or so, to find yourself walking alone with just the sheep and butterflies. When you're ready for more company simply sit down for five minutes and join the next group coming along!

What to wear

 When walking the South Downs remember two things: 

  • The chalk & flint paths on the downland ridge are hard underfoot and good worn-in footwear is essential.
  • There is little or no shelter from the wind and sun; sensible loose clothing, sun cream and lots of water are a very good idea.                                                

The rewards are an enormous sense of well-being, satisfaction and achievement. And, of course, nine days spent in good company in the beautiful scenery of the South Downs National Park.


At the end of every walk all those who have taken part are invited to complete a questionnaire about their experience. Click here to see the results in 2017.