South Downs Way Walk Booking Terms & Conditions  

PLEASE read carefully then click on the relevant link at the bottom of the page.  

  1. General Terms 

When you submit an application you confirm that you and all persons included in the application have read, understood and accepted these terms & conditions. This event requires participants to be capable of maintaining an average walking speed of 2 miles per hour throughout the day. It is not considered suitable for those with mobility difficulties or children under the age of 14. However, older children are welcome provided a responsible adult accompanies them and that they are experienced at walking the distances required each day. If you or any other people included in this application have a medical condition, which may affect you during the course of the event and of which - for your own safety - we should be aware, please provide details in writing, stating brief details of the condition at the time of booking. Such details are held in strict confidence and will be accessed, only as necessary, for your own safety during the nine days of this event.

       2. Personal Property 

Footprints of Sussex cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your property or for illness or injury unless directly attributable to our negligence. We therefore recommend that your insurance covers not only late cancellation but also personal accident, illness and loss of possessions. Our public liability insurance is provided through Xbridge Ltd., EC2V 7NG

       3. Force Majeure

This event will take place irrespective of inclement weather; however for safety or logistical reasons we may alter any part of the event in view of conditions on the day. If we are hindered or prevented by circumstances not reasonably foreseeable, or beyond our control (such as force majeure, civil war, riot, environmental disaster etc.) from performing any or all of our duties in this event, then, notwithstanding our Covid 19 refund policy, we shall be relieved of all liability, financial or otherwise, in respect of failure to perform such duties. 

        4. Payment Terms 

In addition to the event Registration Fee of £265 there will be a non-refundable Administration Charge of £30 per person. Payment for both must be made in full at the time of submitting an online or postal application either by credit/debit card or enclosed cheque/bacs details.  

        5. Cancellations

If for any reason you decide to cancel your booking, whilst the event is still scheduled to take place, the following charges will be made:- 

Until 11th April 2021    - The Admin Charge plus £ 20 per person.

12th April to 16th May - The Admin Charge plus £125 per person.

17th May or later - The full amount paid.

We therefore strongly advise that you have basic insurance to cover the risk of having to make a cancellation for personal reasons. Note that this is an ‘event’ and not a package holiday.

Covid 19 : If at any time before 4th June 2021 we are obliged to cancel the event because of Covid 19 restrictions you will be refunded the full event Registration Fee within 14 days of such cancellation.

        6. Data Protection Act 1998 

 All personal information provided in this application will not be passed to any person or organisation outside Footprints of Sussex. It will be held solely by us, and members of the Footprints Team, in confidence and used only to facilitate your participation in this and similar events organised by us.